Greetings & welcome to our enchanting world  of luxurious high end entertainment. We are Mahari Dance Company – here to curate custom performances for you and transform your event into an unforgettable experience. We combine feminine beauty with unique professional talents to provide you with maximum, mesmerizing impact.

Our intention is to create diverse artistic content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. The dance paths of our members were united through our shared passion for Belly Dance. We incorporate a range of styles influenced by sacred dance lineages from around the world such as Indian Classical, Balinese, Persian and Thai Dance. Each member of our company has extensively trained in multiple styles of performance art, enhancing our glamorous and dynamic show. 

We offer choreography utilizing various props such as: Swords, Fans, Finger Cymbals, Veils, Thai Fingers and Fire upon special request. Our glam aesthetic features hand sewn, one-of-a-kind elaborate costuming, adornment and accouterments that are sure to dazzle and captivate any audience. 

Historically speaking, a Mahari was a ritualistic dancer that resided in the ancient temples of India. One of the translations of the word Mahari is “divine maiden”, and we believe this word represents our vision quite accurately. These women were not only dancers, but also priestesses leading a life of devotion and dedication to the temple. By taking on this name we are reclaiming the lineage of divine feminine dance in the world today.

We delight in your discovery. We are Mahari. Royal. Vintage. Fusion.