Ana Lizet-Gaona

Ana Lizet Gaona is a professional dance artist born in Mexico and U.S. resident based in California. Her artistic journey began in her early childhood, performing and studying different styles of dance. 

When Ana discovered Arabic and Turkish music she immediately fell in love.

She was also was certified in the first phase of the “8 Elements” training created by Rachel Brice, attended the “Artist Development Program” created by Jillina Carlano as well ass many different workshops with great teachers from Egypt, Turkey,  Lebanon,  Ukraine Russia and U.S. Thanks to all these amazing experiences Ana keeps fulfilling her dreams and passion with love, joy, commitment, will power and much gratitude to all her teachers.

Ana believes that we never stop learning and she continues learning to be a better version of herself everyday, as a dancer and as a human being. Her most recent addition to her path of evolution is Tantric Yoga. 

Ana performs regularly around California and Mexico.  She continually finds fresh inspiration collaborating with other dancers and musicians.