Luna Moon

Luna Moon is a professional dancer, choreographer and designer, whose work is deeply multi-faceted and globally-influenced. Having both studied and performed across the world, she weaves the traditional dance forms of India, Bali, The Middle East and Sufi together with the contemporary counter-culture styles of the West – the result is a vibrant, eclectic and ever-evolving fabric of dance-styles she refers to as “Global Fusion Dance”.

Luna has the unique opportunity to accompany some the top leading musicians, artists and dancers on great stages such as the The Filmore Theater, The Palace Of Fine Arts, The Oakland Coliseum, and many more. She been running and operating her own dance company, Fire & Isis Dance Collective, since 2004. Currently, she is focused on her work as co-founder of her newest project:  Mahari.

When Luna is not teaching, performing or in the studio, she is usually found hand crafting elaborate costumes, painting, writing and composing piano pieces. Ultimately, she is simply grateful for every opportunity to explore the world’s beauty and to share her passions, professionalism, technical skills, and experiences with others.